A Formidable 2nd Grade Greek Phalanx Surprises Headmaster, Assistant Headmaster, and Unsuspecting Teachers

IMG_3017 2.JPG

This year, twenty-seven 2nd grade students took part in the 3rd Annual Hoplite March. This was the largest march in SOCS history! Students learned to cover the person standing next to them, move as a team, and march quietly through the halls so that we could “attack” as a proper Greek phalanx would.

Students first attacked Dr. Shipp (who was in Mr. Thomas’ office). Mr. Thomas was caught by surprise. Ms. Geldhof and Mr. Reynolds marveled at the scene and felt amazement at the wondrous historical event they witnessed. The hoplites then moved to Mr. Huber’s room where he was teaching 9th graders the history of the Battle of Marathon (perfect!). After that, the 2nd graders invaded the office of Mr. Noyes and Mrs. James. Those two had to be claw-mad as lions to fight off the onslaught of the invading warriors—somehow, 27 students were able to fit into their office!

Specials thanks go out to Mrs. Walcott, Mrs. Shipley, parents who enthusiastically helped with shield construction, the 2nd graders who put a great amount of though into their shields, and the teachers and administrators who endured the attacks.

Shields are on display in Ms. Hoit’s room for Upper School students to admire. If only the 2nd graders could hear the Upper School students’ admiration of the shields.