Fathers & Daughters, Mothers & Sons

Father-Daughter Dance

Our gym was transformed to the theme of "Fly Me to the Moon" at our first Father-Daughter Dance on March 3rd. Dads and daughters all dressed their best -- dancing, socializing, smiling, and singing -- a night to make memories. Giggling girls requesting songs, dads giving dance lessons, photos being snapped, lots of fun being had. Let's not forget about the chocolate fountain!

Mother-Son Nerf Battle

A BLAST was had by all at the first Mother v. Son Nerf Blaster Battle on March 4th hosted by the PTCA! Mothers and sons got to dodge darts, find foxholes, and avoid crepe paper ‘lasers’ as they laughed and enjoyed a full morning of fun with one another. While not on the battlefield, participants could practice their aim in the gym or rest (for the moms, mostly!) and grab a snack. The jury may still be out on which side had the most hits; but, judging by the smiles on all the faces, we can be sure everyone won!