Seven Oaks Receives "A" Rating


Seven Oaks earned an "A" rating last year from the state of Indiana. This grade is based on students' performance on the Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress Plus (ISTEP+).

In a school's first year, the school's grade is based entirely on student growth. Of the students who came to Seven Oaks who had taken the ISTEP+ previously, all showed growth. The greatest progress was seen among the bottom quarter of students. This was especially the case in English/Language Arts. 

Seven Oaks is pleased with these results. As a school, we do not focus on test preparation. Time is precious, and we prefer to focus on giving students a solid foundation in the liberal arts and sciences. The growth seen in the ISTEP+ scores is gratifying because it came without making the ISTEP+ our focus. Our students' growth shows what happens when you give the gift of a knowledge-rich curriculum, high expectations, good teaching, and an orderly environment where intellectual and moral virtue are celebrated.