Announcement: Start of School Delayed to September 6

This announcement is not an easy one to write. We have been planning to open August 15. Our teachers will arrive next Monday for three weeks of training. However, we are not satisfied that the pace of renovations makes an August 15 open certain. Rather than wait and hope, we decided to delay. After spending the last week in conversation with our general contractor, Triangle, Inc., and Grace College, our authorizer, the Seven Oaks Board voted today to move the first day of classes to September 6, the day after Labor Day.  

Should I be worried now about the school opening September 6? 
No. We have delayed by three weeks in order to leave sufficient time for project completion. Our financing is place. We have the backing of our authorizer. Our faculty is in place. Books and furniture are on order. The pieces are falling into place—more slowly than we wished—but they are falling in place.  

What am I supposed to do about child care in the meantime? 
We are working on organizing a series of academic camps in an alternative space. We’re still ironing out the details, but the goal would be to offer our students faculty-run camps, free of charge. These would not count as instructional days, but they would be designed to prepare students for our academic program. 

What does this mean for the school calendar?  
We are in conversation with our authorizer. Our goal is minimize the impact on the summer break. We will send out a revised calendar as soon as we get approval from Grace College.  
When are we going to be able to meet the teachers? 
We are planning a Meet-the-Teacher night for the evening of Monday, August 1, 6:30-8:30pm. Look for details in the next e-newsletter.

Is there going to be an open house at some point? 
We have scheduled our first open house for Thursday, September 15, 6:00-8:00pm. Again, look for details in the next school newsletter.