I love helping others. There are few things in life that thrill me as much as learning something new and helping others discover how to do new things as well. Throughout my life as a student, I have always admired my teachers as they helped me learn, explore, and discover my inner strengths and talents. My teachers played an invaluable role as facilitators in my educational career, and I hope I can do the same now for my students.

Melissa Shine

First Grade


BS, Elementary Education, Indiana University Bloomington


Ms. Shine grew up in Bloomington, Indiana. After graduating from Indiana University, Ms. Shine moved to Florida and began her career as an elementary educator. Over the course of nine years, she taught kindergarten, third grade, and fifth grade, first in Okeechobee and then in Arcadia. Ms. Shine has also taught at the high school level as an Intensive Reading Remediation instructor. She loves to spend time with her daughter who joins us as a kindergartener this year. 

In addition to being a first grade teacher, Ms. Shine is the Early Elementary Literacy Specialist at Seven Oaks. This is her fourth year teaching first graders at our school.