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Mega Mythical Monster Mash

Come to a fun, mythology-based Halloween party sponsored by Junior Classical League! There will be a costume parade and contest for Kindergarten – 4th Grade, so dress up in your best costume. Older students are allowed to come and may be in costume – however, the contest is only for grades K-4, and there are dress code restrictions that apply to all grades. There is a charge for any student/child attending who is participating. There is no admittance charge for parents attending with their children. There will be a variety of activities including art, a movie, and games with a mythological or Halloween theme.

Costume Parade/Contest: open to K-4 only – 6:30 p.m.

Admittance: $3/student online or at the door (tickets available at

Ceres’ Concessions: $1 each combo bag (Chips or cheese crackers, water, candy)

Costume Contest Categories: Funniest, Most Creative, Best Classics-Themed, Best Literature-Themed

Activities: Apollo’s Discus Throw, Diana’s Archery, Vulcan’s Jewelry, Atalanta’s Golden Apple Race, Arachne’s Web, Hercules’s Hydra

Nota Bene: This is a family-friendly event. No admittance allowed for those in costumes that are graphic, revealing, or not suitable for a younger audience – FOR EXAMPLE – no fake blood, no weapons, no frightening/revealing costumes.

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