Seven Oaks Classical School desires to be as accessible to parents as possible. To that end, the school has created before- and after-school care options that will allow parents to drop off their children as early as 6:45am and to pick up as late as 6:00pm. 

If parents are unable to drop off and pick up in the normal windows, they will need to sign up for before- or after-school care. 

Before-School Care

Before-school care will be available at the school for 2017-2018 beginning at 6:45am. Care will cost $5/hr + a $5/mo user fee.   

Before-school care is also available through Jack & Jill Pre-School and Day Care. Jack & Jill is a block from the school building. A staff member will escort the children each morning to Seven Oaks to ensure each child's safety. To register, call (812) 876-9888.

After-School Care

After-school care will be available on campus up to 6:00pm for 2017-2018. Care will cost $5/hr + a $5/mo user fee. 

The Boys & Girls Club of Ellettsville also picks up in the afternoons. The cost is $20 annually. Click here to find out more information, or to register.