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Seven Oaks Classical School desires to be as accessible to parents as possible. To that end, the school has created before- and after-school care options that will allow parents to drop off their children as early as 6:30 AM and to pick up as late as 6:00 PM. 

If parents are unable to drop off and pick up in the normal windows, they will need to sign up for before- or after-school care. 

The cost is $5.00 per hour, billed in 1-hour increments. In a household of 1-2 we require that families maintain a minimum balance of $50.00 balance. For households of 3+, we require a minimum balance of $20.00 per student.

Before School Program:

The extended care program director, Mr. Rix, has created a before school program that offers participants a great way to start each school day. Students will come into the room hearing classical music and will be encouraged to interact with each other in structured thoughtful way. Students will learn to use deductive reasoning, break apart inspirational quotes and discover significant events throughout history.

Regular features:

  • Mental Floss: Teaches deductive reasoning

  • Inspire: Teaches students to think creatively and how to apply concept to their daily lives.

  • Fact of the Day: Provides an appreciation to unusual facts of nature and humans

  • This Day in History: Educates students on when and how things they see everyday come to be, who is involved, where it takes place and when.

After School Program:

Mr. Rix has engineered an after-school program that the embodies the principles and virtues that Seven Oaks seeks to instill through through a mixture of community engagement and lessons in life skills. In addition to enjoying a structured opportunity to complete homework, students will learn from guests through Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music and Engineering Department. They will also participate in hands-on activities such as cooking, sewing, and various group activities. Since the program is primarily group-based, they will learn to work with others, take leadership roles, and mentor younger students.

Regular Features:

  • Power Hour (daily time to complete homework)

  • Team Up for Clean Up (daily)

  • Treble Makers: musicians from the Jacobs School of Music (once a week)

  • Mini Master Chef: learn to make pancakes, casseroles, smoothies, etc. (once a week)

  • Moment of Science: learn about inventions, theories, incubation of butterflies (May), egg drop test, and a fruit/veggie launch project (in collaboration with the IU and Ivy Tech engineering departments) (once a week)

  • Written Word: journal and journalism (once a week)

  • Seams Together: learn how to make things from fabric (once a week)

  • Virtue of the Month (each month)

Other Options:

The Boys & Girls Club of Ellettsville also picks up in the afternoons. Click here to find out more information, or to register.