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Jessica Stratil

First Grade


B.A. English, Hillsdale College
Minors: Classical Education & Classical Studies, Hillsdale College


Growing up, Miss Stratil had a private school education at a classical school from 6th grade until she graduated. At Hillsdale College, she worked for the Imprimis publication. Stratil also developed the college's Logic and Rhetoric curriculum and textbook.

Miss Stratil grew up in southeastern Wisconsin before attending Hillsdale. While she was there, she learned much, and met her fiancé through her participation in the United States Marine Corps' Officer Program. Since attending Officer Candidate's School in Luantico, Virginia, Stratil has decided to forego a personal military career in exchange for encouraging the Marine career of her future husband. She has decided to put her passion into teaching 1st grade at the Seven Oaks Classical School.

Why I Teach

"The purpose of education is to guide, teach, and instruct students to become the proper human person. Man's proper end is the coming to knowledge of all things with an aim towards the higher good. Seven Oaks Classical School aims at pursuing the best possible means to achieve this lofty end in each and every one of its students."