Seven Oaks Classical School understands that much of a child's education happens outside the classroom. It occurs through sports and clubs and music lessons. To that end, we will build our offerings of athletics and extracurriculars as quickly as we can, consistent with quality. What we offer first will depend, in part, on student interest and the availability of coaches, sponsors, and volunteers.


Seven Oaks believes in the importance of bodily fitness and physical education, alongside fitness of mind. This belief is reflected in our commitment to frequent recesses and to exercise and physical education throughout the early grades. It is also reflected in our commitment to building an athletics program that gives students opportunities to grow in each of the Eight Pillars of Character: citizenship, cooperation, courage, honesty, integrity, perseverance, respect, and responsibility. 

We have the benefit of a classic 1930s-era Hoosier gymnasium. This will make small-team sports, such a basketball and volleyball, realistic possibilities sooner rather than later.  


Seven Oaks is excited to build its extracurricular offerings. We will look at student interest and and compatibility with the Seven Oaks mission. Some of the anticipated extracurricular offerings include: 

  • chess club
  • robotics club 
  • French club
  • school choir
  • music theater